The Lords Supper, our first meet on Sunday at 9:30AM, is completely devoted to the remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ as He requested (Luke 22:19). The elements on the table are symbols of the body and the blood of our Savior.

The order of the meeting is simple and unprogrammed. Various men (as led by the Holy Spirit) will take part spontaneously. Some will suggest hymns; some may read appropriate Scriptures which fix our gaze on the Savior. Others may express worship, appreciation, praise or thanksgiving to the Lord in prayer. The sisters worship as well, though inaudibly according to 1 Cor. 14:31-35 and 1 Tim. 2:11-12. There may be times of silent meditation as we reflect on our precious Savior.

If you do not know the Lord as your personal Savior, you are welcome to observe, but not participate in partaking of the bread and wine. Everyone trusting in Christ for eternal salvation and living in fellowship with him in obedience to His Holy Word is encouraged to partake of the elements in remembrance of the Lord. According to the Word of God, the men wear no head covering, and the women do (I Cor. 11:2-16).

We trust this will be a most meaningful time and help each one come to a closer and more intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.